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e-mail - USA- Product Magellan VI su (customer supplied sub amp)

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the subwoofer. I have always been aware the my bookshelf speakers (Green Mountain Callistos) would benefit from some bass enhancement but I had no idea how seamless and wonderful a sub could sound. I'm still dialing it in a bit but the difference is dramatic. The most surprising thing is that I am able to listen to my music at louder levels. I'm guessing the more balanced presentation helps with this.

Thank you,


email- USA - product Majestic Diamond II

Thank you for the very quick shipment of the Majestic Diamond II's. First, a little history. I have been trying to set up a 2nd system for about 1 year now. My 2nd listening room is a very tough room. It is small and very lively, with no room treatments or eq. I have tried everything from floostanders to monitors w/subs, but nothing sounded good. Everything was either way too bright and/or boomy. I couldn't get any of the 4 subs i have tried to integrate with any of the 8 pairs of speakers I have tried. The subs just were not fast, tight, or clean enough. For anything to sound decent everyhing had to be in the middle of the room, which is a very low WAF. Something had to be done. This is where the MD2's came in. The MD1 has been on my radar for some time now, along with the magellan subs, especially after hearing them at CES a few years ago. So after a year of being miserable every time I turned on my 2nd system, the MD2's were on the market I took the plunge, without an audition.

Well, what a great little speaker!!! I just got them yesterday and immediately noticed that these were special speakers, to say the least. At first, I listened with no sub. The speakers are very coherent from top to bottom, with no boom and no brightness at all. Just tight, deep bass, liquid midrange, and a silky smooth treble. My first thoughts were that a speaker this size has no right to sound this good!!!After 1 year of hell in this room I was now in heaven!!I listened for a few hours then came back and listened again. And what I thought sounded great right out of the box had gotten better. Any slight congestion, thinness, or stiffness I had heard seemed to be gone, and the MD2's sounded a little more relaxed, pleasant, and fuller sounding. I then had this crazy idea to try a sub with them. Bad idea!!! That excellent bass I heard from the MD'2 was not as excellent anymore, with the sub mucking everything up. After several adjustments to the sub and listening for an hour, the sub was gone..I was back in heaven!!! I love the MD2 sound alone, plain and simple....

But, now I am wondering about the magellan subs. if the md2's sound this good w/o a sub (at least any non-tbi sub), how would they sound with the matching 8" magellan sub? I am going to ponder this over the weekend, and enjoy the md2's as isfor now. These speakers really do sound like a much larger speaker, but without any bass bloat. Also, placement is much less an issue with the MD2's. For this 2nd listening room of mine, they are perfect. This lousy listening room has been turned into a great sounding room, with no room treatments or eq's. Who would have thunk it?

TBI, keep up the good work. I am one very happy customer.

Right now, I am considering adding 2 magellan viii subs and 2 tbi sub amps, for more of a good thing. But I could easily live with the MD2's as is, they are that good. They may even make their way into listening room #1!!!!

Thanks for a great product.

T. Cooch

A stereo system i am well chuffed with

I recently read some rave reviews about class t amps and one in particuar, the Sonic Impact T , a battery operated amp which sells for about 50 . I was also on the lookout for a small pair of mini monitors nad after doing a search came across a pair of TBI Majestic Diamonds which it so happend were being sold as a package with a S.I T amp. The great thing about this system is their portabilty as the components are all small and light and although one can connect to a mains using a power supply, battery usage is a real plus. Now this system is not like any other portable one as the sound is in just another league altogether. This. I believe, is due to the class t amplification which, incidentally, I think, will revolutionise not only AV and HiFi but all other areas where audio is involved such as telephones. This is because class t amps are very efficient and are both light and small (the T amp is no bigger than the palm of ones hand) are cheaper to make and one ends up getting a lot bang for ones buck as they say. I am not going to claim that they are the equal of high end class A, AB or valve amps but I believe the budget / midfi sector is in for a shakeup as more and more of these type of amps appear on the market.Anyway in the end I didnt buy the T amp prefering instead its slightly bigger brother the Super T .This is the rather more Audiophile version being as its encased in aluminium( instead of plastic) has phono inputs and some improved circuitry( I'm told).At about 120 its well worth the extra.Like the T its an oddity mind standing 6" high and 2" wide. On the front it has but one volume knob, an on/off button and LED light. On the rear there are two pairs of speaker outputs , one pair of line level phono inputs and the main lead and thats it. Oh there is also an external power supply which complies with our voltage. Anyway this is minimilism taken to its logical conclusion as there is no money wasted on unnecesaries. The amp being so light and small that changing the inputs is a doddle. I have a cd player , iPod and phono stage which I can change over with ease.The only snag is that portability is not the same as the T as one needs a 12 volt battery but ,hey, you cant everything Now to the speakers. These are single driver devices encased in a box measuring 4"x4"x5" Originally I intended to buy a pair of Nohr 3s but got no respone from my emal so opted for these and I have to say that I am in no way disappointed. I have been listening to them now for several hours and am in no way fatigued - they just sound right. The bass is limited but what there is is accurate with no wooliness and the treble ( an area of concern for I hate bright sounding speakers) is smooth and with little percieved sibilance.

What else can I say? Yeah i know I am crazy going against the advice that I myself would give ie dont buy without listening first especially ANY foreign made products which are not obtainable here through the regular retail route. But hey I took a punt and it paid off so I am well chuffed Btw a sub is also obtainable .TBI recommend their own passive version coupled with a sub amp . At a total of about grand they will have to wait some time. The Diamonds cost me 300 approx- money well spent in my view.

I wont provide a link as I believe you should do your own search as I did as its part of the fun.

Don Maico
Audioholics Online A/V Magazine

e-mail- USA - Product Magellan VIII su

It was a pleasure meeting with you and a surprise hearing such good bass at your suite during the 2004 CES in Las Vegas.

Now that the Magellan VIII su subwoofers and the TBI 200 su amplifiers are burned in, my wife and I are thoroughly convinced that you have the best equipment to reproduce the lowest three octaves. All the other descriptives of the sound can be summed up in just one word -- musical. It is a quantum leap from all other subwoofers. You have discovered a brilliant and elegant solution to an extremely difficult problem.

The next time you (or any of your associates) are in town, you are welcome to come to our home to hear the results for yourself.

David Chan, MD, FAAFP

USPO - USA - Magellan VI su

It was a pleasure meeting you at T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas. i have been following your company for several years now.

I was very impressed with the performance of the TBI subwoofer systems. The technology is truly amazing. After listening to your demonstration, subwoofer and low bass demonstrations elsewhere sounded absolutely dreadful.

John Barker

e-mail- Barbados - Product Magellan VI su

This is Roger from Barbados saying thank you and all the best to you and your company for giving me the best bass and musical integration with my system. Your musical bass device has thrilled me and others that have heard it with The Horn loudspeakers from you know who (Ed). The rest of my system is Wright Sound WPA 12 preamp, Wright 3.5 2A3 mono power amps, Ah! Toeb Joeb 4000 CD player with all the mods and tied together with homebrew 26g 99.99% silver in Teflon interconnects and speaker cable from a guy in Florida named Tom Toutay, who is also very good at building and modifying amplifiers. The items above are like your product i.e. inexpensive and damn good. A good friend of mine had Vienna Acoustics Mozart Speakers and on hearing the TBI and Horns, he emailed Ed the next day and ordered the same. I am trying my best to show people here that you don't have to spend mega bucks to really enjoy great music. Once again thank you very much for helping to put the FUN back into enjoying the music.

Thanks, Roger.

Reviewer- telephone conversation - - USA - Product Magellan VIII su

We have always had the ability with good subwoofers to make the subs disappear but you have somehow made the bass appear to be fully integrated with my Quads as though they were producing the fundamental bass as well. I thought that was impossible.


e-mail- Ontario, Canada - Product Magellan VI su

Okay, things are starting to settle in quite nicely. I've placed the majestics on stands (very similar to the ones on your website) and have them about 2' out from the bookcases and 7' apart. They are toed in slightly and my listening seat is about 9' away. I'm getting excellent dispersion and very natural sound.

Initially, I had the crossover at 80 or lower and things were too thin. I've had to increase the crossover setting to the first big line past 80 in order to get fuller sound. What are the main increments past 80? I've tried counting them out (10, 15, 20) and nothing works evenly into the final 150. Are they just approximate guidelines? I really just need a reference for 90 and 100.

With the crossover setting at the first big notch past 80, I only have to set the volume at the first line (closest to the min line). Anything more is too much. I've moved the Magellan out from the corner and placed it between the speaker and a little behind them.

Anyway, thanks very much. I haven't enjoyed my records and cds this much before. The single driver is great. I'd appreciate any further placement suggestions or tweaks that you can suggest to get the most out of these babies.


Follow up reply from above customer on adding a second sub

I've set up the second sub and the system sounds even better. One sub
worked very well, but the second one locks in the bass and makes it more a
part of the soundstage. I can't believe the improvement! (and I was happy

Thanks Again.

e-mail - Monaco (South of France) - Product Magellan VIP su

Thank you for being so fair and understanding about this. In the meantime I'm having a lot of fun re-discovering my music collection. I may indeed be ordering something else from you in the near future and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your products to my friends.


e-mail - USA - Magellan VIP su

Thanks. A great review. I think the reviewer wellcaptured the great qualities of your Magellan design. Although I have the VIPs, the performance is quite wonderful and very much as stated by the reviewer. I have to confess that based on past experience with other subwoofers I really didn't expect such superlative integration with my speakers - I assumed I would have to accept a certain amount of muddiness and vieling as the inevitable price of deep bass extension.

My speakers are the Australian Ambience Reference 1600 ribbon hybrids, with the tall ribbon driver covering everything above 420 HZ. Perhaps these speakers are an especially good match to the VIPs since the bass unit also uses small fast6.5" drivers ( two special SEAS units).

Your new mini-mini monitor must be wayunderpriced assuming the reviewer was as accurate in describing its performance withthe Magellan VIII as he was in covering the subwoofer.

Interestingly, along with the reviewer I also am using a Taddeo Digital Antidote.

Kind Regards,
Dave Magnan
Magnan Cables

Just read your auto section and can report that i have been using the model 6 in my porsche 928 with incredible preformance for more than a year...

i cant imagine anything better.

System uses a apple computer, wavelength audio USB dac, Eclipse subamp, milbert tube amp and focal drivers in addition to the Magellan. the magellan really made it all happen!


How many subs to fill a 30 x 25 x 10 ft room at home?

Mains run to 30 hz.



A short note to let you know that I found a system problem that caused the "amp" problem. Now I have the two sub modules in operation and clearly the two subs are a major improvement over a single sub, and with a single driver Lowther system, the results simply have to be heard to be believed. The system never sounded so good and the turntable never sounded better!


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