Millenia MG3 GEN 3 Class D Integrated
Audio Amplifier Advanced Class D Audio

Features and Specifications:

  • GEN 3 CLASS D operation with refined DPDM conversion topology
  • GEN 3 CLASS D eliminates the non-linearity associated with the linear outputs
  • GEN 3 CLASS D eliminates adverse heat dissipation with no ventilation required
  • Low Non Feedback Dependent Linear Output Impedance for the entire frequency range
  • High Voltage NMOS BTL obtains 20% more power with 8 ohm loads
  • Modulation scheme reduces switching currents into the load before filters
  • AC or Battery operation with a seamless change to battery when AC supply is removed
  • Operates from 8V to 26V allowing external battery power to 24V@ 85% efficiency (24VDC - 3A Universal AC power supply included).
  • A Custom External Regulated Supply is allowed to 26V for 44W/channel max @10%
  • Continuous RMS power is monitored for the dynamic thermal condition (DRMS)
  • Thermal Shutdown Protection with Automatic Reset upon cooling
  • Short Circuit Shutdown Protection with Automatic Reset upon removal of short
  • Internally Fused Crowbar Protection (over Voltage > 27V) DC Input) - 4A fast blow type
  • Linear Input Buffer maintains constant low distortion characteristic over wide input levels
  • Patent Pending ADRC Adaptive Dynamic Range Control prevents Digital Clipping Non-Linearity. Very Clean Clipping Signature if overdriven to 10% distortion levels
  • Power Output 8 W/ch@8 Ω < 1% THD 10 Hz – 20,000 Hz (10 W@ 10%) @12V
  • Power Output 32 W/ch@ 8 Ω < 1% THD 10 Hz –20,000 Hz (40 W@ 10%) @24V
  • Distortion typically less than .3% at any level below clipping onset from 10Hz – 20Khz
  • Power Bandwidth @1w is -3db@10Hz /-3db@28kHz
  • Channel Separation typically –100db to 1khz to 80db @20khz
  • Output LC Filter cutoff @28kHz well above the audio Band
  • High Available Gain (+36 db) for desired levels when using Low Output Multi- Media Sources. The MG3 is non inverting with no preamp needed for low level line sources.
  • Current Consumption @ 24V is 2amp (20 watts/channel output) – ( 24v Iq = 50ma)
  • 8- Internal Lithium/Alkaline AA Batteries insert from rear for easy access - (12v Iq = 25ma)
  • Operates in Conjunction With iPod® Sleep Mode to conserve battery when music stops
  • Battery Standby Current less than 2 ma maintaining linear circuits on for musicality
  • 85% @1w - > 90% efficiency from 2W to 10W when on internal battery power @8Ω
  • Batteries are fuse, switch and reverse polarity protected.
  • Optimized 8 ohm operation reduces distortion - increases wattage and battery life
  • Minimum 3.2 ohm loads (12 volts only recommended for low impedances)
  • Gold plated 5-way Binding Posts for speaker connection (spade friendly)
  • Gold plated 3.5mm front panel mini jack (75kΩ) for easy media player connection
  • Gold Plated RCA inputs (75kΩ) on rear overridden by mini jack connection
  • Direct Subwoofer Connection (TBI passive) using external passive network
  • Vertical or Horizontal placement (Logo Proper in Vertical Orientation)
  • Full EMI Compliance (Radiation Above 30 MHz) meeting FCC and CE standards
  • Two Year Limited Warranty from Manufacturers defects
  • Musical Signature without Tube or Solid State Active Device Colorations
  • Weight- with batteries - 2.3 lbs (1.04kg)
    without battteries- 2lbs (.907kg)
  • Dimensions- 6.5" D x 5.74" H x 2.76" W (16.5 cm x 14.75 cm x 7 cm)
    (Depth from knob end of speaker terminals)
    (Height without neoprene feet. 5.9" wf (14.98 cm)

Retail Price: $500.00

MG3 class D amplifier

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