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Acoustic bass instruments represent the greatest challenge for low frequency sound reproduction. This variety of bass instruments will not sound natural in an acoustically compromised environment either live or enhanced using a conventional subwoofer-room combination. Orchestras and other types of classical music assemblages typically perform using only acoustic instruments. Jazz bands can exhibit an all-natural performance with the piano and upright bass central instruments in these groups. Acoustic bass in the form of drums and percussion are groups of instrumentation that thrive on fast attack and decay times and support from a good in sync fundamental foundation.

Instruments such as those pictured at left and the piano below offer no compromise sonic performance in the proper acoustical environment. The fine tonality is derived from an infinite number of resonance combinations when the strings are vibrated or keyed. Yes resonance is good when making music but bad when attempting to reproduce it. A fine grand piano produces notes to 20 Hz with plenty of low frequency information above that and it responds well to reflected signals in poor room conditions. Whether plucked, bowed or keyed the detail exhibited by fine acoustic instruments is the first victim of the conventional subwoofer. In fact most audiophiles probably lose interest in the subwoofer idea as soon as they hear their favorite piano piece with the added bass.

ETL™ technology allows the driver to operate in the freedom of its own acoustical environment while providing ideal loading for the diaphragm. This no compromise operating condition assures that the resolution obtained will not be marred by the various acoustical situations encountered. When the strings are vibrated it cannot be a question of timing for the low frequency transducer to respond it must just happen and we should not notice its contribution unless we disengage it.

It is the goal of TBI to provide the audio community with bass extension products that truly capture the essence of your individual audio goals in the spirit of high-end audio. Our listening environments are not consistent yet it is our goal to get the music to follow an objective pattern in providing pleasure when you want it in any reasonably good acoustic space.

Now even if you don't own fine acoustical instruments, have the perfect acoustical space or even the finest components you will enjoy a view of music that until now has not been possible for most of us in our real world listening rooms.

Relax and browse our site and if you are a real music connoisseur you will realize that we are saying something different. Rhythm is here for all who want it with TBI™ Bass Extension Modules.

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