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There is a thin line between professional audio recording/playback and audiophile playback. TBI™ Bass Extension Modules are an excellent choice for bringing seamless bass extension into the recording studio. This is the environment where quality recordings are made so this is where musical bass extension begins or should begin. Typically extended bass is needed in the edit mix down room to allow the engineer to hear the true mix and how the lows affect that mix. The engineer does not have the low frequency instrument or hall present in subsequent mix-down operations therefore it is difficult to sense the entire ambiance of the playback material. It is good to be able to hear the material as the masses might hear it and then hear the material as an audiophile would want to hear it.

The professional environment is not limited to recording studios but any type of A/V production situation even fixed or mobile computing can benefit from enhanced low frequency extension. The ear can compensate for the lack of a low frequency foundation but for realism there is no substitute. The consistent and objective results achieved make professional bass reinforcement less of a guessing game and more something that you can predict.

Our active or passive modules are excellent for general playback in offices or other secondary locations. There is a whole new realm of possibilities for the high-end board room, conference rooms and other types of presentation situations when sonic objectivity must be achieved and simplicity of installation are required. The ability of TBI™ Bass Extension Modules to exhibit exemplary performance at low and moderate listening levels extends the value of these exceptional products. You can actually mix longer, at lower volumes and hear more detail.

Our passive modules lend themselves to custom installations when professional equipment including amplifiers are already in place or can be conveniently installed and interfaced in the system. TBI offers a balanced to unbalanced converter and other valuable tools to allow TBI active subs and amplifier modules to properly interface with professional installations or patches. We also feature rack drawers that allow easy installation of our smaller passive sub-bass modules in professional rack installations. Can you imagine a rack or portion thereof of fast subwoofers operating from a custom amplifier crossover setup? The small size always enhances ease of setup and use allowing placement in obscure locations. With all of these advantages it is no wonder TBI is ready to put the musicality in professional recording and playback situations.

In some cases professional installation will include commercial residential installations where consumer and professional gear are used interchangeably. Our accessory line will allow you to mix and match various levels and impedances as well as create low pass filtering on the fly at any full range system point.

So now you can spec in real musical bass for your mix-down facilities, computer workstation or any place that you might need realistic monitoring of professional audio performances or the audio portion of your A/V production or presentation.

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