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The requirement for the audio/video marketplace is for a professional audio monitor that is efficient, has low distortion, flat frequency response, is not room-placement specific and that has a totally neutral sound dispersion pattern. It must also be small, affordable and blend acoustically with a subwoofer that may have to be placed where it physically fits best in the room. This is an essentially impossible task for the existing speaker technology, which currently generates products of high quality sound only for wealthy or committed individuals with plenty of extra space. ETL™ eliminates the biggest enemies of the speaker driver, the enclosure itself and the rooms negative effects on placement. In doing so it creates for the first time an enclosure, which improves the drivers operation in real acoustic spaces. It does this by creating a coherent controlling internal pressure from the source signal itself, which drives the entire diaphragm surface the full frequency range thus resisting the effects of lower pressure reflections. The room becomes acoustically friendly and positioning can be where it needs to be including on the wall, on stands, on shelf or bookshelf placement. Room reflections become benign facts of life not modifiers of the drivers acoustic impedance thus allowing the individuality of the rooms sonics to co-exist with the loudspeaker and its placement.


Sound as clear as the beautiful 3 dimensional pictures that you see, all in a small package. On Wall Audio Monitors is a new category of loudspeaker and it is easy to see why. Loudspeakers need volume to produce clear sound and we don’t want big, wide or deep loudspeakers to hang on the walls when the goal with Plasma or LCD Screens is visual clarity with physical simplicity and style. Matching speakers are therefore a real challenge when we want to keep the sophisticated style of the flat screen and have high quality sound to match. While there are many small speakers available one listen immediately reminds us why conventional speakers need to be large to have good sound. TBI Majestic Diamonds are excellent on-wall monitors featuring patent pending enclosure technology that eliminates the effects reflections cause at such close proximity to the wall and the boxy sound character associated with small speakers. ETL™ technology eliminates distortion and phase error due to internal standing waves, crossover components and multi-driver path differences. The result is dynamic panoramic sound at all volume levels or viewing positions with crystal clear dialog and stunning realism to match that of the Plasma/LCD picture quality and wide viewing angle. Sometimes we don't have any choice but to locate them on convenient stands to complement the flat screen with the same stunning result.


Exceptional frequency response, dispersion, dynamic range all attributes of larger speakers are actually characteristics of the Majestic. ETL™ technology is the only solution for small monitors that don't place emphasis on your speakers so your ears know that something is special not a visually compelling speaker system that competes with your visual space.

You only have to listen and if you get close to other small speakers you really hear the Chaos existing inside the enclosure. If all of the sound that you hear is all over the room then where is all of the sound on the other side of the drivers' cone? It remains trapped in the box bombarding the cone with chaotic sound waves that cause a sound character termed boxy and colored. This problem exists with all speakers especially small ones, which is why better speakers are usually deep and with greater volume. The narrow deep speakers have less of a visual statement when viewed head on but this certainly won't work for your compromised 5.1, two-channel listening or your flat screen video display.

ETL™ technology takes all of the chaos in the enclosure and transforms it into useful energy that is used to orderly reinforce the drivers' output across the full frequency range. When you get close to the Diamonds you hear all of the detail of the sound just as you hear with quality headphones, it doesn't sound loud yet when you back away the same volume seems to remain with you. With the Diamonds the sweet spot is focused and there is a panoramic duplication of this sweet spot almost anywhere in the room that you can sit. You can be seated, on the floor, standing up or located anywhere in front or the side of your flat display and the instruments, vocals and dialogue remain clear, intelligible and localized. When using the Diamonds a center channel is a plus not a necessity for exciting movie soundtracks (sometimes a minimum number of speakers is all that can be visually accommodated) as they do a remarkable job of phantom imaging.


High-powered amplifiers are always a part of a top-notch home theater or audio system. Power is required to control the reactive loads offered to the amplifier by the complicated speaker loads. In some A/V installations you probably want to minimize the extra equipment that you use with your flat screen monitor so in most cases you are going to use the built in amplifiers or a moderate external home theater amplifier. These small amplifiers do not have the current drive to control single or multiple driver reactive loads so the lack of control causes the small speaker to suffer even more from its inherently reactive environment. Brute force is neither an option nor a cure for this problem so the Diamond reduces the reactive elements seen by a low-powered amplifier allowing it to perform more as if it had a resistive load at the end of the speaker wire. This reactive element know as back EMF is a phenomena associated with the cone being modulated by random error signals from internal standing waves, external sound and its own suspension all information not coherently related to the incoming signal. Expensive speaker cables and high-powered amplifiers are typically used to attempt a solution for this problem. A high-end quality amplifier will reveal every nuance of its soul through the Majestic Diamonds as there is nothing in the signal path to alter its transfer function.


The moving mass normally associated with low frequency resonance is decoupled at the higher frequencies by the ETL™ allowing the driver to perform flat through the full audio range. A small 3" driver is operated as a near perfect piston with acoustic impedance matched from below 100 Hz to above 20 kHz. This driver is actually driven by signal dependent standing waves, which form an acoustic pressure inside the box relative to frequency, a composite wave that provides real-time control while modulating the drivers entire diaphragm. This orderly internal pressure eliminates the cone breakup, which normally destroys the ability of the driver to produce the signal with a coherent acoustic dispersion pattern. This internal pressure also reduces the effects of the reflections that are generally incident at the cone because of close wall placement. A single driver speaker system does not have a path difference as multi-driver speakers or a crossover network to induce compression, losses and phase errors. The system can easily produce peak signal levels in excess of 100db in moderate sized rooms with moderate power. The dynamics are excellent and unlike conventional speakers the observed dynamics remain linear as the volume is lowered. The Majestic series of on wall audio monitors represent the state of the art for small loudspeakers presenting classic simplicity in its thorough execution.


The EMB -1 will also be available as an in wall version the MOSAIC EMB-2. The use of the fully enclosed EMB-2 will eliminate the sound bleed into other rooms or apartment units while not suffering from the usual sound in a box of back box equipped in-walls. This allows for consistent quality in different rooms with the rooms absorption coefficient being the primary determining factor. The reduction of back EMF also allows the long wiring or transformer distribution usually associated with built in installations to maintain more uniform conducting properties. The in-walls allow for the smallest footprint possible for your flat panel video display monitor with the physical signature being reduced to that of a circular 3" driver grille only when custom recessed into the wall. The Mosaic and Diamond are also excellent for general custom audio distribution and 2-channel audio listening.


The center channel has the unique challenge of providing all of the on screen audio information (and a good portion of off screen sound) for the entire viewing area. This means that the center speaker speaker must have near perfect dispersion if it is to provide the same sound quality to all listeners. Perfect dispersion means that the frequency response must be even in all directions so that you can sit, stand or lie on the floor at any viewing angle relative to the picture and still understand the dialogue. This is a big challenge for any loudspeaker and it is exceptional to have these properties in a small compact loudspeaker that can be placed close to the wall.

A surround speaker should be invisible and not have a direct impact on the sound event unless it is call upon to do so. In the years before discrete multi-channel sound it was impossible to place a sound wherever you wanted in the mix. The goal for the surround speakers was to add out of phase information, that is relative to the main speakers. Blasting uncorrelated sound out in multiple directions may have been sufficient then but this has now changed with the advent of 5.1 discrete sound capability. The surround speaker must be capable of producing direct sonic events and phantom imaged events yet disappear when it is only broadcasting phase manipulated sound effects. This is a requirement for a very special speaker indeed and with the Majestic loudspeaker series having a neutral sound dispersion pattern it can perform these multiple duties while maintaining a low visual profile.


The MAJESTIC DIAMOND/MOSAIC satellites offer superb and accurate sound output devoid of artificially resonated low frequencies. These types of bass peaks will sometimes allow for a poor sounding speaker to sound more acceptable especially with popular music. This is not the type of response that you want from your on-wall speakers that must reproduce all types of sounds some of which must be intelligible as with dialog. We therefore recommend the use of a separate subwoofer with the EMB-1 and EMB-2. This will allow for you to dial in just the right amount of bass to compliment the sound. While any subwoofer will enhance the sound we recommend the use of the ETL™ complimentary TBI Magellan series for best voicing of the system. An in-wall subwoofer is also being developed to compliment our EMB-1 and EMB-2 micro -monitors.


The Majestic EMB- 1A is the first of the Majestic series to be introduced. It features an unshielded motor to maximize enclosure volume and minimize phase shift. Magnetic shielding is available when absolutely necessary with minimum effect on the outstanding bass extension of this micro-size mini-monitor. The Majestic audio series uses a focused phase driver, which maintains a smooth frequency response and phase characteristic. The md-1 is a coherent individual performer as a stand-a-lone monitor when properly placed near the back wall yet when used as a stand mount mini-monitor (for a little breathing room) in conjunction with any Magellan anti-subwoofer especially the Magellan VIP su powered sub or TBI 200 su amp and Magellan VI su passive sub it becomes a force to be reckoned with as a 2.1 or 5.1 audio system. The 6.5" aluminum driver of the Magellan VI su closes matches the mass-frequency ratio of the Majestic acoustically blending them even more closely as one in your acoustic space. The combined use of ETL™ for the single driver Majestic satellite and single driver low mass Magellan sub is remarkable and is sure to become a favorite amongst many music lovers. The compact physical signature and acoustically room friendly design for both sat and sub allows everyone to enjoy high-end sound regardless of the rooms' acoustics. It will simply become your music hall no hype or gimmicks needed. When used with a quality 50 to 100 watt integrated amplifier or receiver the system is space friendly and will generate audiophile quality sound from all of your music sources no questions asked. Of course you can set out for a cost no object system and hear every improvement through this marvelous speaker system.

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